First Session: June 6-12, 2011. Second Session: July 28-August 3, 2011

Directed by Geoff Roes - 2009 & 2010 "Ultrarunner of the Year."
Four Sessions For 2015: February 20-26; June 21-27; August 1-7; August 10-16

Latest News

June 28, 2015:
Our first summer session for 2015 is completed and was one of the most satisfying sessions we've ever done. Super excited for 2 more coming up later this summer. We still have a few spaces open for each of the August sessions for anyone interested in that.

We have also added a 2016 Calendar to the "Camp Store". These are high quality 12 month calendars featuring nearly 30 photos from past sessions of camp. Check out the Camp Store for more details.

May 4, 2015:
We have had a couple recent cancellations for the June session so we now have 2 open spaces for June 21-27. Get us your entry form/deposit as soon as possible if you wish to grab one of these spaces. I don't imagine they will stay open for very long.

April 28, 2015:
Not much new to report. June session remains full (still accepting applications for the wait list), but each of the August sessions still have a handful of open spaces.

If you have considered attending camp this year but have held back due to the cost of travel you might want to take another quick look at ticket prices to/from Juneau. Delta Airlines has announced that they are beginning service to Juneau in late May and the competition this is creating with Alaska Airlines is resulting in lower than 'normal' airfare to Juneau on either of these airlines. Roundtrip from Seattle is currently just under $200! Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago (and others) are also below $500 roundtrip. Even some East coast cities (Newark, Boston, DC, Atlanta, etc) can be found in the $600-800 range. These rates are about 25-50% lower than typical over the past decade.

March 29, 2015:
Spaces are still available for both of the August sessions, but entries have been trickling in fairly steady for the past few weeks. I suspect we will have openings for another month or so, but if you are hoping to join us in 2015 now is the time to get us your entry forms to guarantee available space. The June session is filled up completely and has a few people on a wait list. If you are hoping to come in June then you will likely need to wait until 2016. Remember we will have Krissy Moehl here as a guest runner for the August 10-16th session.

February 6, 2015:
We have another big announcement today. Krissy Moehl will be joining us for a session again in 2015. She will be attending the August 10-16 session as a special guest runner. There are still plenty of spaces left in this session. Sign up soon to guarantee yourself the chance to run with one of the most accomplished woman in the sport.

February 5, 2015:
Super excited to announce that Salomon is our new shoe sponsor for camp! They are the leaders in trail running innovation and approach throughout the world and will be providing each participant with a free pair of shoes as well as other items.

Things remain largely the same in terms of availability for 2015. The June session is full, but all other sessions (including the upcoming winter session) have open spaces.

November 19, 2014:
We are down to one remaining space for the June session. The time is now if you want to be a part of that session. Numerous space remains in the other sessions.

Juneau's only official ultramarathon is taking place on August 15 this coming year. It's a 50k almost entirely on trail with a good bit of vertical gain/loss (somewhere between 5-6k vertical gain). This will be the last day of running during the August 10-16 session so if you might be interested in running a 50k race on your last day of camp then this is the session for you. There are also 25k and 10k options as part of this race. You can find info. on this race here. If there is demand for it we will also be offering our usual run on that day for any folks who are not interested in one of these race options.

We still have several spaces open for our first ever winter session. A local running partner just put together a little video which gives a good sense of what to expect in this session. Check it out here. It should be noted that this footage was all taken during a week long stretch in which all the elements came together for perfect winter mountain running in Juneau. Clear, mild, and calm weather with a consolidated, stable (and very minimal) snowpack. Keeping fingers crossed that all these stars align in late February, but if you are planning on coming for the winter session I wouldn't come expecting every day to be what you see in this video. Just like in the summer sessions in which I tell people to come expecting rain everyday and if we get sunny weather we just look at it as a bonus. We very well might get the conditions that you see in this video, but don't come expecting this or you will just be setting yourself up for disappointment. Nevertheless, the winter running here is very satisfying in any conditions, so even if we don't get bluebird days with perfect snowpack you will leave with an experience you will likely never forget.

October 18, 2014:
Applications have continued to trickle in well ahead of pace from any past years. We have also had a disproportionate amount of interest in the June 21-27th session. If you are planning to attend this session be sure to get us your deposit/entry form as soon as possible. As of today there are only 3 spaces still available in this session and I suspect it will be filled up well before the end of the year. This said, we will be keeping a wait list for any sessions that fill up so please don't hesitate to send us a form even as sessions have filled. Typically we have 2 or 3 people that need to cancel as the dates get closer, and if you are on the wait list but do not get in you will receive a 100% refund of your deposit.

The winter session as well as the two August sessions all still have plenty of space available, but I suspect these sessions will all begin to fill more quickly once the June session is full.

Also, as a reminder, scholarship applications are available on the "scholarships" page. Please get those to us before the end of the year to be available for a scholarship. And, as usual, we need donations to help fund the scholarship program for 2015. Every little bit helps. You can also click on the "scholarships" tab for all information on how to donate to this program.

September 30, 2014:
We have decided we will actually be doing 4 sessions in 2015 because we have added our first ever winter session!!!  The dates for this will be February 20-26 and all information and entry forms will be available on this website by the end of this week. Juneau is an amazing place to run in the winter and we are really excited to share this with our campers this coming February.

I also should mention that the early response to the summer sessions has been quite active and we anticipate we might fill up a little earlier than usual this year. I would still imagine there will be open spaces through the end of the year, but if you want to guarantee a space it would be best to get us the application/deposit as soon as possible.

September 16, 2014:
Okay, it is official. We will once again be doing 3 sessions next summer. The dates are set for June 21-27, 2015; August 1-7, 2015; and August 10-16, 2015. Applications for these sessions are available on the "Fees and Entry" page. We will also be continuing our popular scholarship program for 2015. Please click on the "Scholarships" tab to apply for a scholarship or to donate to our scholarship program. We are super excited to be going into our 5th year of camp next summer!!

August 27, 2014:
2014 is now in the books (as far as our camps are concerned). After another great summer of camps we are in the process of setting up dates for 2015. We will likely be doing 3 sessions again next summer and we should be announcing the dates at some point in the next few weeks. Check back soon if you are interested in joining in the fun for 2015.

July 8, 2014:
We finished a very successful and fun first session for this season about two weeks ago now. We have another session coming up in less than a week. We do still have one space open in that session so please let us know if you'd like to join last minute. Also, as of today, we still have 3 open spaces for the August 9-15 session. Also, we will be announcing dates for 2015 sometime in the next month or so. Please check back then if you are interested in 2015. If you know you are interested in attending next summer feel free to shoot us an email and we'll add you to the email list for that.

April 25, 2014:
We have had a few applications trickle in, but also a few more cancellations for this summer's sessions in the past couple weeks so we once again have at least one space left for each session. In hopes of filling these last few spaces in the next few weeks we are running a fun and generous promotion for any coffee lovers interested in coming to camp this summer. The next person who signs up for each session (3 people total) will receive a free pound a month for a year of my home roasted 'Juneau Mountain Coffee' (we will send you two pounds at a time every two months). This is nearly $200 worth of premium, fresh, home roast coffee... plus you get to come to the coolest running camp in the world :-)  Just mention on the application that you are interested in the free coffee promotion. If you aren't the first person in a given session I will still send you a free pound if you sign up between now and May 15th.

April 6, 2014:
We have had a couple cancellations in the past few weeks so as of today we still have one space available in the June and July sessions (both had been filled up a couple weeks ago). If you are interested in either session I highly recommend getting us your application/deposit as soon as possible. The August session still has 4 openings so that one should be available for at least another few weeks.

February 21, 2014:
As expected, we have received a surge in applicants for the June session. If you are wanting to join this session which will include special guest Krissy Moehl, please get us your entry/deposit as soon as possible. With the applications which are currently 'in the mail' for this session we are down to either 1 or 2 remaining spaces. We will be keeping a wait list, and as long as you are near the top of the wait list you will have a great shot of getting in, but to guarantee a space you really don't want to wait any longer.

Spaces still remain for the July and August sessions, but these are both continuing to receive new entrants as well. It looks as though June will fill up sometime in the next few weeks, July will likely fill by late March/early April, and the August session sometime in April or May. Please note though, that these are all total guesses and I may be totally wrong, but this is what things are looking like right now.

We recently created an 'Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp' Facebook page. I will still continue to do 'latest news' updates here, but keep an eye on the facebook page as we will likely post some bits of info. there which don't get posted here. We will still be sure to post all 'important' news here.

February 5, 2014:
For a couple years now we have been toying with the idea of bringing a special "guest runner" to a session or two of our camp. Well, we are really excited to announce that this summer this guest runner idea will become a reality. Team Patagonia runner, Krissy Moehl will be attending the June 15-21 session as our first ever guest runner, and we couldn't be more excited about this. Krissy is one of the most accomplished women in the history of the sport, and we believe that her experience, knowledge, and great positive attitude will add so much to the experience of everyone lucky enough to attend this session. We are also looking to possibly bring in another guest runner to one of the other sessions this summer, but either way, we are almost certain to continue this trend into 2015 and beyond.

Currently there are still spaces open in all three sessions, but they are creeping slowly towards capacity. I would especially recommend getting your application in as soon as possible for the June session as it might draw a surge of applicants wanting to join in the session with Krissy's participation.

January 17, 2014:
Thanks again to everyone who applied for a scholarship for this year, and of course, to everyone who donated to the scholarship fund. We have awarded the scholarships and informed each applicant as to their status. Please contact us if you applied for a scholarship but did not hear from us last week as to your status.

Entry forms have been continuing to trickle in a little more steadily since the first of the year. Again, there are still spaces open in each session, but each week they are all creeping a little closer to capacity. Please get us your application as soon as possible to avoid being wait listed.

Also, this week we have been working on creating a "Camp Store". We will be offering various items for sale, and a portion of all proceeds will go toward funding the scholarship fund for next year (and beyond)!! If the "Camp Store" isn't available yet, please check back very soon as we should be publishing that page sometime very soon. All we have left to do is make sure there are no kinks with the way the payment system is working. For now we only have a couple items in the camp store but we most definitely will be adding more items in the coming months. Shoot us a message if you have any items you'd like to see.

January 1, 2014:
Happy New Year from Alaska! I've been in Alaska for the past two weeks on a holiday visit and despite the fact that the mountains are buried in deep snow I find myself getting more and more excited for another great season of running in these mountains in 2014. If you're interested in joining for a session of camp this summer I recommend getting your ducks in a row to try to get us your entry form and deposit sooner rather than later. There are currently plenty of spaces open in each session, but entries have begun to trickle in a bit more steadily as they always seem to after the big summer race lotteries happen in early December. If this continues to be the trend for the next several weeks we may start to run out of space in one or more of the sessions sometime in February or March. I will try to update here as any sessions get within a couple spaces of capacity, but sometime in the next couple weeks would be the best time to get signed up to guarantee your space.

Also, I really want to thank everyone who contributed to the scholarship fund for this year. It's always a little harder the second time around to drum up funding for this kind of thing, but through the generosity of so many people who believe in this program, and with my consistent solicitations on social media (sorry about that), we were able to secure enough funding for 2 full scholarships, and a little extra for some partial funding and/or to carry over into funding for 2015 scholarships.

For those of you that have applied for the scholarship program you will each be hearing from us directly via email at some point later next week as to your status. If for some reason you have not heard from me by January 13th, please contact me so we can make sure no one slips through the cracks without full consideration.

November 16, 2013:
As a reminder, the Scholarship Entry period for 2014 will end on December 31, 2013. This also means that funding for this program needs to come in by that time so we know how many scholarships we can offer. I'm working on hopefully securing some additional funding from corporate sponsors, but if you are interested in helping with this great program please check out all the info. on the scholarship page. Every little bit helps. Even $10 helps us creep a little closer to being able to hopefully offer a couple full scholarships this year.

October 22, 2013:
Entries have been trickling in for the 2014 camps, as well as for the scholarship program. There are still plenty of spaces remaining but there are some amazing deals on flights to Juneau for next summer right now. These low fares are only available through October 29 so if you are planning to attend camp but just haven't made it official yet you might want to get in your entry form and purchase your tickets as flights from most destinations are $300-500 lower than they often are!

Also, a reminder that we are currently taking contributions for the scholarship program. We are hoping to offer 3 full scholarships for 2014 but we are going to need a lot more funding to make this happen. If you have a little extra money and would like to help a fellow runner attend camp who doesn't have any extra money check out all the info. on the scholarship page.

August 26, 2013:
Dates for 2014 are now set!  We will be doing 3 sessions. One from June 15-21; another from July 14-20; and the last from August 9-15. All info. for these sessions is now up on this website and entry forms are available. Be sure to sign up early as I have already received several emails from people interested in getting in on the fun next summer.

All Scholarship info. and applications are also updated and available on the "scholarship" page of this website.

August 9, 2013:
Another very successful season of camp is behind us and we are beginning plans for 2014. We will be announcing dates and having applications available for the 2014 camps sometime in the next few weeks. Check back here soon for all the information on that. We will also be continuing our scholarship program for 2014 and will be updating the scholarship information/application and making that available very soon as well. If you are interested in contributing to the scholarship fund for 2014 please check out the "scholarship" tab with information on how to contribute to the fund.

July 9, 2013:
With one session "in the books" for 2013 we have one more to go in a few weeks. We have had a couple cancellations in the past couple weeks so there are once again one or two spaces available for the upcoming session (beginning July 27th). It's been an amazing summer for running here in Juneau. Some of the best weather we've had in a long time, but after a fairly large snow year there is still plenty of great snow glissading to be had.

We are also working on getting dates set for 2014. Keep an eye on the website in the coming months for the announcement of those dates. We will likely announce the dates and start taking applications sometime in September.

April 23, 2013:
Not a whole lot of change since last post here. We awarded two full scholarships to two very worthy participants who both sound super excited for the opportunity to attend camp. We were also able to help a couple other applicants be able to come to camp with a combination of some "work study" funding as well as some partial scholarship funding from the money we raised for this program. All of this and we also have about $500 left over to put toward the scholarship program for next year! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this program. Your generosity is so greatly admired and appreciated.

The July camp is now completely filled up, but we do always seem to have a cancellation or two between now and the summer, so if you want to attend this session please get us an entry form/deposit to get on the wait list. If you get on the wait list but don't end up getting a space offered to the session you will receive a 100% refund of all deposit money paid. In other words you have nothing to lose by signing up. Either you get into the camp or you get all of your money back. The June session has recently had a couple cancellations so there are currently 4 spaces open in that session. It's still pretty early in the season to say, but the snowpack in the mountains around Juneau right now seems to be about average, which means that the best running Juneau has to offer will likely occur sometime around the middle weeks of June. This combined with the fact that June is almost always the sunniest and driest month in Juneau should make the June 11-17 session the "perfect" time to come to camp.

March 4, 2013:
Thanks to everyone who has applied for one of our two scholarships. In it's first year this program is shaping up to be a huge success. Now we are in the process of making our decision on who will receive these scholarships. For those that have applied, we will be notifying you by email sometime this week as to your status.

Anyone else interested in attending camp: there are still a few spaces left in each session. Applications have continued to trickle in, but we've also had some cancellations recently. We look forward to running with you all in Alaska this summer!

February 8, 2013:
Remember the deadline to apply for a camp scholarship is the end of this month.

Otherwise we're still taking applicants for both sessions of this summer's camps. I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I believe there are two spaces left for the July session and about 4 for the June session. It's going to be an awesome season of running here in Juneau (I have a hunch - or could it be that every season is an awesome season of running in Juneau?). Get those applications/deposits to us if you want to guarantee yourself a chance to be a part of it.

December 31, 2012:
Happy New Year! The scholarship application forms are now available. Please select the "Scholarships" tab to download an application. The application period will be all of January and February, and then the recipients will be announced sometime in the first part of March.

December 27, 2012:
Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope you all have a great end to 2012 and beginning to 2013. Due to an exciting personal event that we have planned in June (i.e. we're getting married!), we have decided to consolidate the two June camps into just one session. The June 11-17 session remains and the 18-24 has been cancelled/consolidated into the other one. We're very sorry for anyone who was hoping to participate in the June 18-24 session. Hopefully if you are in that boat one of the remaining sessions will still work for you.

Plenty of spaces still remain for the June 11-17 dates, but the July 27- August 2nd session is down to just a few spaces so please get your application in as soon as possible if you are hoping to attend that session.

Also, we will be starting the application process for need based scholarships beginning on, or around, the first of the year. We have raised a great deal of funding for this program and will be offering at least 2 full scholarships (one for each session), as well as a handful of partial scholarships. Please check the Scholarship page sometime after the first of the year to apply. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this program.

November 9, 2012:
Last week we announced the beginning of our scholarship program. Check out the "Scholarships" tab for all the info on that. The response so far has been great. We have received several very generous contributions, as well as several folks who have expressed interest in applying for a scholarship. The scholarship application process will begin on Jan 1st, 2013. Applications will be available on the Scholarship page at that time.

Standard camp entry is open now and there are spaces open for all three 2013 sessions. The July 27-August 2 session is getting close to capacity, so if you are intending to attend that session I recommend getting the application to me ASAP, as that session could easily fill by the end of the year.

September 6, 2012:
Dates have now been set for the 2013 sessions. All information about these sessions should be current on the website now. Entry forms will be available on the "Fees and Entry" page beginning sometime on September 13th.

August 9, 2012:
Another very successful season of camp is in the books. We had 4 incredible sessions with about 40 amazing runners from all over the country and the world. Thanks to everyone who came up to camp this year. Look forward to seeing all of you at a race, or back at camp in the future.

I will be doing three sessions in 2013. I am working on finalizing the dates for those and will be announcing those dates and opening the entry for that sometime in the next 3 or 4 weeks.  Keep an eye here for that.

June 6, 2012:
The first session is now in the books. It's going to be an incredible summer of mountain running here in Juneau. The record snowpack is clearing out quickly, but many of the north facing back sides of ridges are going to hold snow most of the summer. What this means is smooth, packed snow running up on the ridges and lots of awesome glisading back down to the valleys. Want to see this first hand? I've had a few recent cancellations and a handful of spaces are open for the session that begins this Friday as well as the Aug 4 - 9th session.

April 12, 2012:
I now have one open space for the June 8-14 session, and the July 24-30 session is full. Each of the other two sessions have 4 open spaces.

March 22, 2012:
In the past week I have received 8 entrants into the August 4-9 session. That leaves only 4 spaces for this session. Please get me your application/deposit ASAP if you want one of these spaces, as I expect this session to fill within the next few weeks. I have had a couple people transfer from the July session into the August session, so as of today I have one space available in the July 24-30 session. The June 8-14 is currently full, and the May 28 - June 2 session currently has several available spaces.

In other camp news, I'm pretty sure that I am going to have a second massage therapist helping with the June, July, and August sessions. This will mean more flexibility for Corle to help make the food even better than before (although it will be hard to top the food from last year, we'll try our best), and hopefully as much massage available as desired.

March 15, 2012:
Big news here. I've decided to add a 4th session for the 2012 camps! The dates for this session will be August 4-9th. Please email me if you have any questions, but everything for this camp will be the same as the June and July sessions. The only difference will be that this session will be 5 nights/ 4 days (like the May session), and therefore the cost will be $1275, instead of the $1475 of the June and July sessions which are 6 nights / 5 days. The payment due dates for this session will be the same as the July session ($275 deposit due upon sign up, and final $1000 due by July 1st).

Also, please note that there are still a handful of spaces remaining for the May 28th-June 2nd session.

Please email me if you have any questions about joining either of these sessions, or the wait list for the June or July sessions.

January 27, 2012:
Hope everyone is having a great start to 2012.

The June 8-14 and the July 24-30 sessions are now both full. There are however 6 spaces remaining for the May 28th session.  Also, I am taking applicants for a wait list for both the June and July sessions. Right now there is no one on either wait list so you would almost certainly receive a space in the camp if you joined the wait list soon (last Summer I had 5 or 6 people who needed to cancel). You can read all the wait list "rules" on the "Entry and Fees" page, but essentially you won't pay a dime if you join the wait list and are not offered a space in the camp. If a space becomes available in the session that you are wait listed for, you will be automatically added to the camp, and notified right away. If it is after May 1st (for the June session), or after July 1st (for the July session), you will have the option to decline the space and still receive a 100% refund of your deposit. Also, if you are on the wait list for one session and space becomes available for another session, you will be given the option to join the other session (in order on wait list), or continue to wait for a space in "your session." Hope this all makes sense. Email me at: if you have any questions.

December 17, 2011:
I've worked out an arrangement with the kind folks at the Prospector Hotel in Juneau. They will be offering a very generous discount (30-50% off, depending on the type of room) to campers who would like to spend a little extra time in Juneau. You can call them at: 1-800-331-2711 to book a room. Just be sure to mention that you are attending the Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp.

Not much new to report beyond this. I've had a few more applications trickle in, but there is still space in all three sessions. Just one space remains for the July 24th session so if you want to attend that one please get me that application right away. Also, the June session is inching closer to capacity. I officially have 4 spaces available for June, but I have two applicants who have their "check in the mail."

Right now there are still 7 spaces open for the May 28th session. I'm really excited for this session and would definitely encourage anyone interested in getting the most "bang for your buck" to consider this session. We will be doing a pretty large amount of running in all three sessions, but as I describe in the "About The Camp" section, the May 28th session will have a bit more of a focus on "getting after it", and covering even more ground on the runs. What this means is that we will be able to access some terrain that we just won't have the time to access in the other sessions. All three sessions are going to take us to some of the most amazing mountain running terrain anywhere in the world, but in the May 28th session I intend to get even a little further off "the beaten path". If this sounds like your "cup of tea" then this is the session for you. Wow, that was a lot of metaphors in one paragraph.

November 15, 2011:
Applications are continuing to trickle slowly in for the 2012 camps. Until recently I was receiving applicants pretty equally for each of the three sessions, however, in the past couple weeks I have received several entries for the July 24-30th session. Right now there are still technically 4 spaces remaining for this session, but I have three applications which are "in the mail" which I expect to receive this week. So, to make a long story short, if you are wanting to join me for the July session please get me your application ASAP as I suspect this session could be filled very soon. Each of the other two sessions still have a bit more space open (7 spaces remain open for the May session, and 5 for the June session).

October 27, 2011:
Not much new to report. There is still a bit of space for all three sessions but I am going to be running some magazine and online ads in the next several weeks so if you want to attend camp next summer I recommend getting me an entry ASAP. Also, if you are thinking seriously about attending but aren't totally committed yet please get in touch with me so I can keep you in the loop as soon as sessions get within one or two participants of filling up. I will be keeping a wait list also, so please don't hesitate to sign up even if a session becomes full. Last year I had at least a couple cancellations in each session. Remember if a session becomes full and you get on the wait list you will receive a full refund of your deposit if you don't get a space in the camp.

September 15, 2011:
Entry for the 2012 sessions has now been open for one month. Thanks to those of you who have signed up so far. I look forward to meeting you all next summer. Currently almost half of the spaces are filled for next summer's camps so if you are thinking about this one I recommend getting me an entry sooner rather than later. It's hard to say just how many entries will continue to trickle in the remainder of this year but it does appear likely that the camps will fill up sometime in the next several months.

August 15, 2011:
Entry forms for all three 2012 sessions are now available at the bottom of the "Fees and Entry" page. Please sign up early to guarantee a space in the session that works best for you. Also, be sure to read the bottom portion of the "About The Camp" page if you are planning to sign up for the May 28th - June 2nd session as this session will be intended specifically for the more advanced / higher perfomance oriented runner.

Also be sure to send all entry forms to my Colorado address which is the address currently listed on the "Contact" page and on the entry forms. If you have already mailed an entry form to my Alaska address this shouldn't be a problem as my mail from there is getting forwarded to me, but it may make it take a week or two extra time.

August 5, 2011:
The 2011 camps are now completed. Thanks to everyone who made both sessions such a satisfying and worthwhile experience for us. You guys were all amazing people to spend this time with. I have added info. on this website for next summer's camps. Entry forms will be available beginning August 15th, 2011. There will be 3 sessions in 2012. The first session will begin on May 28th and will be focused on the more advanced, performance oriented runner. See the "About The Camp" page for more info. on this session. The two other sessions will begin on June 8th and July 24th respectively and will be pretty much exactly the same as the 2011 camps. Please note that the May 28 session will be one day shorter than the other two session - 4 days and 5 nights instead of 5 days and 6 nights. The cost for the 2012 camps will be $1275 for the May 28th session and $1475 for the other two sessions. Again, entry forms will be available on this website beginning on August 15th.

July 10, 2011:
I have begun to plan dates for at least two 2012 camp sessions. I will be announcing the dates on this website sometime in the next month. Please check back often if you are interested in attending Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp next summer.

June 30, 2011:
The July session is now full and is less than a month away. Thanks to everyone for getting me the final payment on time and I look forward to meeting you all in 4 weeks.

I have begun to make plans for camp dates in 2012. I am pretty sure I will be doing 3 sessions next summer. Please keep an eye on this website if you are interested in that. I will likely be announcing the details about next summer's camps sometime in the next several weeks.

June 15, 2011:
The first session is now history. This session was a huge success. One of the most enjoyable weeks of running I have ever had. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this. You guys were amazing to work with.

For those of you signed up for the July 28th session please remember that the remaining camp fees are due to me by July 1st, which is now only a bit over two weeks away. Be sure to send camp fees to my Alaska address (not my Colorado address where you sent the original entry form) which you can find on the "Contact" section of this website.

Also, there is still one last space left for the July 28th session. I have had a lot of people interested but no one seems to be snagging this last spot. If you're thinking about it I would highly recommend going for it. If we have even half as much fun as we all had in the first session last week it'll be totally worth it.

May 20, 2011:
There is still one remaining space for the second session that begins on July 28th. 

It's been an incredible 10 days here in Juneau. Quite warm, with lots of sun. The snow has consolidated and melted more in 10 days then I think I have ever seen anywhere. 10 days ago it was pretty much impossible to go up above 1,800 feet without snowshoes. Today I went up to about 3,500 with no snowshoes and found almost perfect conditions. In the next couple weeks things will only get better. Should be perfect for alpine running right around the time the first session kicks off on June 6th.

Also, I took a trip out to the Jubilee Cabin (where we will be staying during the camp) on Monday and can thus offer a bit more info. to those that have wondered about phone service. There is very minimal cell phone reception in the cabin. Out on some of the beaches in the area (within 5 minute walk of the cabin) I was able to get one or two bars of service, but certainly not full service anywhere in the area. Also there is a public use phone on the premises that is about a 5 minute walk from the cabin. This phone does not take coins, but rather can only be used with a calling card. For those of you that will want to be calling home during the camp you might want to bring a calling card with you.

May 9, 2011:
I'm back in Juneau and like most everywhere in the Western United States, Juneau had a pretty healthy amount of snowpack this year. The next month will ultimately determine what kind of snow will still be in the mountains on June 6th. The trails down below tree line will all certainly be clear of snow by then, but we will almost certainly be running on snow when we are up in the alpine. For the most part this actually makes the running up high better (as long as the snow is consolidated enough that we're not punching through), but I do want to remind those of you attending the June session that you will want to bring some small gaiters and/or some long socks with you. This will help keep your ankles and shins warm and free from cuts in places where the snow is crusty. Also it is advised to bring at least one pair of shoes with a fairly aggressive tread pattern that you feel grip pretty well on packed snow.  

May 1, 2011:
Thanks to everyone for getting me those checks for the June session by the deadline. I'm leaving in a week for Alaska. I'll see you all up there in just over a month.

There a still a couple spaces left in the July session. Please be sure to now send any entry forms/payments to my Alaska address (NOT my address in Colorado) which is:  Geoff Roes, 516 3rd St., Juneau, AK 99801.

April 4, 2011:
Space still remains. I've picked up 3 new "campers" in the past 2 weeks, but I had 2 more which unfortunately had to cancel. This leaves one space still available for the June session and 2 spaces for the July session. If you want to join get me an application/deposit ASAP to guarantee a spot.

Also, a reminder for those of you who are registered for the June session: remaining camp fees are due by May 1st.

March 16, 2011:
There are still 3 spaces remaining for the July 28-August 3rd session. Also, I have had 2 people recently cancel from the June 6-12 session. I was able to fill one of those from the wait list, so that leaves one open space for the June session. If you are interested in any of these open spaces please get me an entry form/deposit asap as I will be getting fliers about the camp out to the 400 participants of the Chuckanut 50k this weekend. Not sure what the response to that will be, but I wouldn't be surprised if these last few spaces were filled up within another week or two.

Feb 9, 2011:
4 spaces still remain for the July 28-August 3rd session.

Jan 19, 2011:
The June session is now full. If you are one of the 10 who have sent me an entry you should have received an email confirmation from me. If you have sent me an application but have not heard from me then please email me at: to confirm your space in the camp. I will continue taking applicants for the June session and those will be put on a wait list in the order that they are received. Should any current participants cancel their entry for any reason wait listed applicants will be offered entry in the camp in the order that they appear on the wait list. Please include the $275 deposit with wait list applications and I will hold the check and only cash it if you end up entering the camp. Any wait listed applicants who do not end up getting an entry space in the camp will receive their uncashed check returned to them. In other words you won't pay a dime if you get on the wait list and don't end up getting into the camp, but you do need to send me the deposit to hold yourself a spot on the wait list.

The July session still has 7 spaces available.

Jan 14, 2011:
The entry form for the July 28th-August 3rd session is now available here.

Jan 13, 2011:
It's official, I will be offering a second session. The dates for this session will be July 28-August 3rd. The entry form for this session will be available on this website by the end of the day tomorrow. Please do not use the June entry form for this second session. There will be a different entry form for each session.

Also, there is currently still one space available for the June session. If you sign up for the June session but end up on a wait list you will have the option of joining the July/August session as long as space remains available. In other words, simply sign up for the dates that work best for you and if that session is full you can transfer to the other session if you want to and if there is still space.

Jan 10, 2011:
I have received 6 camp entries and I have at least 3 more that are currently in the mail. I suspect the June session will be filled up by the end of this week. Please keep an eye on this website for the announcement of a second session. I am currently working on the logistics of this second session and will be announcing the dates for this by the end of this week.

Jan 3, 2011:
Based on the messages I've received in the first few days that the entry has been available I anticipate that the camp will fill within the next few weeks. Of course I won't know anything until I actually start receiving applications in the mail.

This raises two things: First, if you want to attend the camp, don't wait. Get me those applications/deposits ASAP. Click here to download the application.

Second: I will almost certainly be doing a second camp later in the summer. If you would be serious about attending a second session in late July or early August shoot me a message at: so I can gauge the interest in this. I will probably be locking in dates for a second session sometime before the end of January. Also, remember that if you send me an entry and deposit for the June camp but end up on the wait list you will have the option (a few days before the sign up for the second camp becomes available) to change your application/deposit to the second camp if you so choose.
Dec 30, 2010:
Entry forms are now available. Click Here to download the form. Remember space is limited to 10 participants so please sign up soon to guarantee your spot.

Dec 27, 2010:
Entry for the June 6-12 session will be available soon.
I am also hoping to do another session later in the summer. Please shoot me an email if you think you would be interested in participating in a camp sometime in late July or early August.