First Session: June 6-12, 2011. Second Session: July 28-August 3, 2011

Directed by Geoff Roes - 2009 & 2010 "Ultrarunner of the Year."
Three sessions for 2014: June 15-21, July 14-20, and August 9-15

Travel To and From Juneau

Participants will be required to book and pay for their own travel to and from Juneau. You will quickly discover that Alaska Airlines is the only airline that services Juneau, and that all flights from the Lower 48 pass through either Seattle or Anchorage. You'll want to start with looking at flights from Seattle as your travel time will be significantly shorter if you go through Seattle rather than Anchorage. There are numerous flights each day from Seattle to Juneau.

Round trip rates from most cities in the western United States will be in the $500-800 range. Most cities in the eastern United States will be in the $600-900 range. It might be worth considering applying for the Alaska Airlines Visa credit card. You will receive 25,000 air miles upon approval and this will be enough in most cases to get a free flight to Juneau from any city in the country that Alaska or Horizon Airlines service. Alaska is also partnered with many other major airlines who you can use these miles with. Alaska Airlines is consistently rated the best air miles program in the business, and there really are no gimmicks to this deal. I know dozens of people who have traveled for free numerous times using this program (including myself). If you want to go this method to a ticket though, I recommend applying for the credit card asap as the entire process will take a couple months to go through, and the sooner you book, the more likely you are to get a flight on the dates you want.

We will shuttle participants from the Juneau airport to the Jubilee Cabin at approximately 6:30pm on the first day of each session. Dinner will be served shortly after we arrive at the cabin. If you will be arriving in Juneau after this time you will need to take a taxi to get out to the cabin that night. For those arriving earlier in the day the first day you will unfortunately need to wait until the 6:30 ride out to the cabin because we can't check in to the cabin any earlier than this. This said though, Juneau airport isn't a bad airport to spend a few hours at. There are a couple hotels, several restaurants, a shopping mall, and a couple coffee shops within a 5-10 minute walk of the airport.

On the last day of the camp I will shuttle participants from the Jubilee Cabin to the airport in the morning. I will probably make 2 trips from the cabin to the airport that morning and the times of these will be based on participants departure times. Likely there will be one early morning shuttle and another in the mid to late morning. We will be sure to get everyone to the airport on time for their departure, but due to the number of people it may be necessary for some people to go to the airport an hour or two before they need to be there.

Also, I highly recommend spending some extra time in Juneau (or elsewhere in Alaska) either before or after the camp. If you are doing this I will make every effort to help get you to and from anywhere you want to be dropped off other than the airport.

If you do plan to spend any extra time in Juneau either before or after your camp session you will want to consider staying at The Prospector Hotel. The kind folks there are offering a 20% discount to any camp participants who want to spend a little extra time in Juneau. You can book rooms directly through their website, and just mention in a comment when you book that you are attending Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp. As long as you mention this when you book they will be sure to apply to discounted rate when they charge you. You can also call them at: 1-800-331-2711 to book a room at the discounted rate.